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 HLTSS00065 Infection control Skill Set (Retail) This Skill Set has been contextualised to apply specifically to the retail environment. On successful completion of the course you will  be awarded a nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for the Skill Set HLTSS00065 - Infection control Skill Set (Retail) The Skill Set is comprised of the unit HLTINFCOV001 Comply with infection control policies and procedures.
 Learners will understand how to better protect themselves, their colleagues and the community from infectious diseases including COVID-19. 

The knowledge and skills contained in this unit can assist in the development of COVIDSafe Policies and Procedures for Retail and Hospitality businesses in Australia.

 The fee to complete this unit is $150, with access available for 4 weeks from enrolment.

Food Safety Supervisor Training

Our low-cost Food Safety training provides you with an extensive understanding of the role a Food Safety Supervisor must play within the workplace. It also provides required skills and knowledge to manage a food safety program from identifying hazards to corrective actions, critical control points to operational policies and procedures.

Many parts of Australia have legal requirements that food businesses have a food safety supervisor to oversee and enforce the food safety processes in the business. Failure to do this may involve stiff penalties such as fines or closure. Check with your local council for your local requirements. This course meets these requirements nationally.

Whether you are legally required to or not, having a qualified food safety supervisor in your team can only benefit your business. The training will give team members a great understanding of food safety standards and how to maintain them and how to avoid food safety breaches which can seriously affect your customers and your reputation.

There are two versions of this course: One for New South Wales and one for all other states in Australia. The NSW version has an additional State-based cost.  Please ensure you select the correct course for your location.

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Retail Environment 

Wellbeing is an essential part of creating a safe and healthy workplace. This online course looks at how managers and team members can support each other and themselves.

It is designed to give you practical steps to improve your own wellbeing and assist others when they need help.

It also includes specific information on the wellbeing challenges associated with working in the current COVID-19 affected workplace.

It's more than just a buzz word or a way for influencers to make money.  Wellness and wellbeing are essential in the workplace.  They can have a massive positive effect on the business and everyone working in it.

Our first priority is to manage our own wellbeing.  We can't do our job properly or help others if we aren't resilient and healthy ourselves.

This course will regularly be updated as more information becomes available and best practice is improved.

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